Zoe's Story

I adopted a Portuguese Water Dog, Zoe, 7 1/2 years ago February. She came to me with Addisons disease and in bad shape. Her hair was wirey and she was leary of strangers. She was deemed mean and given back to the breeder. Along with the breeder, who diagnosed her with the Addisons, it took us 3 years to get her 'meds' right and only after I found a compound pharmacy near me. The breeder had put her on a raw diet and that is how she came to me. 

Well, I tried just about every raw food brand on the market and found none that did her justice. I met Victoria at a show and after talking and seeing the food decided to give Victory a try. I figured I had nothing to lose in trying one more! 

To my surprise, Zoe excelled with Victory Dog Food! Her hair grew soft, attitude changed and she is now a very good greeter and loves to hang out with me. When we are at a show with Victory Dog Food® there, Zoe belines for the booth! I get stopped when Zoe and I are out and about and no one can believe that this is a sick girl and that is where my story comes out. I cannot thank Victory Dog Food® enough for giving me my girl's health and attitude to me.  I am now a distributor for Victory Dog Food® and highly recommend it to all I come across.  Thanks Victory Dog Food® for producing a pure, wonderful food for our companions!  

Mary Busch

WearWuf! www.wearwuf.com  Pittsfield, MA 01201