Why Raw?

Raw food is the healthiest food you can feed your dog and Victory Dog Food® is a premium raw food. Victory Dog Food's® ingredients are fresher than what most people eat themselves.  

Dogs have very short digestive tracks so their nutrients need to be easily and quickly available.  Cooking and over-processing changes the molecular structure of food, destroying nutrients, making food hard to digest and less nutritionally available. The food your dog can't digest begins to decompose while still in the digestive system and the waste produced can lead to health problems in your dog. 

From a Victory Dog Food® diet you can expect:      

  • Allergies lessen or disappear     
  • Healthier immune system.     
  • More energy     
  • Shinier coat     
  • Healthier skin and teeth     
  • Better breath     
  • Clearer eyes     
  • Healthier digestive system    
  • Can help with incontinence    
  • Less gas     
  • Smaller, less smelly feces (in fact, feces left in the yard will break down into a white powder)