Sam's Story


My four year old Golden Retriever had a lump on his chest that we noticed over a year ago. We didn’t think much of it since Golden’s are sometimes prone to lumps, but we had a biopsy done to rule out cancer, which came back benign.

In March I started him on the raw diet, which he loved and we could immediately see an improvement in everything about him. His energy, coat, teeth and even his enthusiasm for each meal with the raw food.

In May, the lump turned into a strange shape and even the groomer noticed a change in it. So, we immediately brought him to Ocean State Veterinary Specialist to have it removed. To our surprise, the lump was a Mast Cell Tumor, stage 4. My husband and I were devastated at the thought of losing our beloved young Golden. The lump was completely removed and fortunately the cancer had not spread into Sam’s blood or organs. We then started Sam on 16 weeks (8 actual treatments), of chemotherapy per the Oncologists advice.    

Sam had no reaction at all to the chemo!!   He would actually run into OSVS to greet the technicians waiting for him.Today a year later, he is a cancer free 5 year old with lots of energy and still smiling. My husband and I attribute his remarkable success and recovery to Victory Dog Food®. I truly believe the raw diet was the miracle that helped Sam make it through this entire ordeal.

Here is a picture of Sam this past fall, still smiling!!

Thank you Victory for your wonderful food!!