Sadie's Story


Sadie actually has sort of a three part story. Part one began when I switched her to Victory Dog Food®. At the time, I'd been making my own bones and raw-food dog food, so you wouldn't think Victory Dog Food® would be much of a change. However, after Sadie was on Victory for about a month, we met a friend in the park who we hadn't seen for quite a while, and the first words out of her mouth were, "Sadie looks TERRIFIC!! What have you been doing with her?" I told her about Victory Dog Food®, and not long thereafter, she started her own dog on Victory.  

This begins part two of the story. My friend's dog was an elderly Westie that she had adopted a couple of years before. In those pre-Victory years, her dog always had to be carried up the stairs. But one day, a few weeks after transitioning the dog to Victory Dog Food®, my friend was upstairs making the beds and suddenly heard the little tick-tick-tick of dog feet on the stairs. Sure enough--that 14-year-old dog had climbed the stairs for the first time!

Now for part three. There is a dog in the park that looks for all the world like Sadie--her owner and I acquired them both at almost exactly the same time from different SPCA groups in Connecticut. We're convinced they're sisters. We see them maybe once every year or two, but last time, the difference between Sadie and her "sister" was marked..."sis" was overweight. Her owner said she had a lot of skin problems and ear problems and wondered if (with similar DNA) Sadie also had those. Nope! Victory makes a huge difference!  The only problem I can see is that I can never move from this area!  Thanks, Victory Dog Food!

-Charles Veley