Max's Story


This is Max, our ten year old weimaraner.  After years of having weekly bouts with stomach issues that  would literally paralyze him for an entire day due to gases that one could hear in his stomach, he no longer has this problem;  the reason:  Victory Dog Food®!!!  My husband, who was a skeptic, can't believe the change. Max is thriving with Victory, stomach issues are a thing of the past, and he is crazy for mealtime. We are so glad and relieved that not only is he loving this food, but he is also no longer experiencing the discomfort  of digestive problems that plagued him for the past nine years.  It is truly a miracle, I only wish I would have  discovered this food and the wonderful care and advice I've received from Victory Dog Food®.  I would recommend Victory to all dogs  before they exhibit any health issues! I wouldn't have believed it had I not seen the transformation in Max with renewed  energy and interest in mealtime.  Max is a much happier dog and so are we!!!   Thank you Victory Dog Food®!

-The Zanettos