Hudson's Story


Dear Victory Dog Food,

Hi my name is Hudson, we met at a dog show in Fitchburg MA. a few weeks ago. I am sure you remember me since I was the best looking puppy there. You gave me a toy and a whole bunch of other treats. Thank You.

I am having my dad type this for me, my paws are just too big for the keyboard. I really think the keyboard is just way to small. 

Well that day Dad and Mom started feeding me your food. Dad had been feeding me this other food (came dried in a bag) and I really wasn’t happy with it. Dad thought I was just a fussy eater, not true. I now look forward to breakfast and dinner and am a member of the clean plate club! That other food just ran right through me, it was awful. My vet told dad that raw food was the way to go. I just started going to school and our trainer had a lesson on nutrition. When Mark found out I was eating your food he told Mom “no worries there”. I am still undecided what I like best, it all tastes so good. Dad says it’s good for me too.

Dad and Mom let me have a friend over, Nellie. Nellie is must bigger but I really have a lot fun with her. Nellie’s Mom and Dad also feed her your food. We talked about it outside and decided we both have such good Mom’s and Dad’s to care so much about us. I going to tell all my friends at school about how wonderful Victory Dog Food® is, and how much better I feel.

Well Dad has to get back to work and I want to go outside. So I have to say good-bye for now. I asked Dad to enclose a picture of me from when I was just seven weeks old. 

Thank You for caring.

Love, Hudson