How much should I feed my dog?

How much to feed your dog is based on your dog's weight. General guidelines for daily feeding:

Determine the percentage of your dogs weight:

  • 2% for weight loss or sedentary dogs     
  • 2.5% for weight maintenance     
  • 3% for slight weight gain     
  • 3.5% for significant weight gain     
  • 4% for growing puppies     
  • 4.5% for very young puppies

For example, if your dog weighs 40 pounds and can best be descriped as of normal weight and activity, then you should be feeding 1 pound of Victory Dog Food's® raw food per day or 0.5 pounds each feeding if you feed your dog twice a day. This would equate to 7 pounds per week. (40 x .025 = 1)

Or a 50 pound dog which needs to lose weight should be fed 1 pound of Victory's raw food per day (50 x .02 = 1).

This formula is not written in stone, but acts as a guideline for where to start. It is important to look at your dog and make necessary changes to the amount being fed if weight gain or weight loss is in excess. 

Making the switch to Victory Dog Food's® raw diet

To begin:  Add a small amount of the new food to their existing diet.  Increase the proportion of new food daily while decreasing the amount of old food.  In a week to ten days you should be totally switched to the new food.   

Always present the new food with a happy, positive attitude.  Don't worry.  Animals are genetically programmed to follow the leader on what is o.k. to eat; if you are reluctant, they will be too!  

You may notice loose stools initially.  This may not happen, but if it does it's normal and shouldn't persist for more than a few days.  Once commercial food is eliminated, some animals will show symptoms of detoxification.  The intensity of symptoms may vary.  These include discharges, pimples and rashes, bad breath, dirty ears, and body odor.  These signs, although upsetting, usually mean a cleansing is taking place and should cease within a few days or weeks.

What will happen as a result of feeding a balanced, raw diet?

  • Energy and muscle mass will increase.  
  • Breath and body odor will improve or be eliminated.  
  • Stools will be harder, smaller, and less smelly and they will break down to a white powder if left outside.  
  • Gas will be virtually eliminated.  
  • There is strong evidence that cancers, diabetes, epilepsy, and severe allergies are exacerbated if not caused by feeding commercial dog foods.  

Victory will help combat these problems!