Frequently Asked Questions

How much Victory Dog Food® raw food should I feed my dog?

How much to feed depends on the weight of your dog. Here are some general guidelines for daily feeding.      

  • 2% for weight loss or sedentary dogs     
  • 2.5% for weight maintenance     
  • 3% for slight weight gain    
  • 3.5% for significant weight gain     
  • 4% for growing puppies     
  • 4.5% for very young puppies  

For example, a 50 pound dog which needs to lose weight should be fed 1 pound of Victory's raw food per day (50 x .02 = 1).  

Remember, these are just guidelines.  You know your dog best and are in the best position to judge its needs.  Older dogs are generally less active and therefore need less food to meet their needs.  And dogs which spend a lot of time in the cold need more fuel than those who don't.

Feeding Guidelines

How do I change my my dog to a raw diet?

 To begin:  Add a small amount of the new food to their existing diet.  Increase the proportion of new food daily while decreasing the amount of old food.  Within ten days you should be totally switched to the new food. Some people just make the switch without any tapering off, and their pet adjusts just as easily. Each animal is different. 

Always present the new food with a happy, positive attitude.  Don't worry.  Your pet is genetically programmed to follow the leader on what is okay to eat; if you are reluctant, they will be too!

How soon after switching to Victory Dog Food® will I see improvements in my dog's health?

You should start seeing some improvement immediately.  Within a month of switching to Victory's raw food the improvements will be dramatic.  You won't believe the changes in your dog!

I don't live in Connecticut, can I still buy Victory Dog Food®?

Feel free to contact us to discuss delivery options or check out our New England distributors!


Is raw meat safe?

If properly inspected, handled and prepared, yes it is.  Victory Dog Food's® ingredients are fresher than those you would find in the grocery store. Just remember that this is raw meat and should be handled just as you would handle your own meat for dinner.  Wash hands and utensils thoroughly after contact with raw meat and dispose of or refrigerate any uneaten portions promptly.

Canine digestive systems are also quite different from ours. Dogs in the wild wouldn't have access to cooked food and their digestion has evolved accordingly. Their digestive system is quite short and acidic, making it ill-suited to bacterial growth that would make the dog sick.   

Why is USDA inspection so important?

There are a number of diseases which can be transmitted between animal species as well as from animals to humans.  So USDA inspection is important for the health and safety of all members of you family, human and animal.

What if I'm not home to accept delivery?

Your first delivery will come packed in a cooler.  On subsequent deliveries you can leave the empty cooler out and we will replace it with your new delivery.  Think of it kind of like old-fashioned milk deliveries where you left your empty bottles out for the milkman.  This way the meal stays frozen even if you're not home when a delivery arrives.

How do I pay for my deliveries?

We currently accept credit, cash and checks.  If you are getting regular deliveries, you can leave a check for your new delivery with your cooler or you may provide us with your credit card information to have on file.  Please contact us to discuss payment options in more detail.

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What kind of dogs benefit the most from Victory Dog Food®?

Every dog can benefit from Victory Dog Food®.  Dogs with special needs benefit the most.  These dogs include those with allergies, diabetes, and cancers.  The nutrition in Victory Dog Food® is more readily available, so sick dogs will more easily fight off illness, older dogs will get a new lease on life, and  working dogs will have more energy.

Ingredient Benefits

Why do you include veggies, I thought dogs were carnivores?

Even carnivores get some plant material in their natural diet.  Remember, the prey animals are generally herbivores and have plant material still in their digestive tracts when they are eaten by the carnivore.  But this means that the plant material doesn't make up a large portion of the carnivore's natural diet and so we add no more than 20% plant material to Victory Dog Food®.