AKC Breeder, Maxine J. Gurin's Story

I will never forget my introduction to Victoria and her company Victory Dog Food®. It was four years ago at one of the many shows in Springfield.  A very dear friend, (who also uses her food now), came over and told me that  there was a new booth at the show selling dog food and that the products  looked good. I went over to investigate and discuss the food.  To make a long  story short, I left with about 10 or 12 pounds of three types and I have  never looked back since!!  Now I'll tell you why. 

Everything Victoria told me about her food was true. In this day and age the number of things that actually do what the manufacturer says they're going to do is almost non-existent. Plus, all the things that happened were positive. 

  1. Victoria said that her food would not cause stomach upset of any  kind to my dogs, even if I did a 100% switch over. This is exactly what happened. As a matter of fact they gobbled it down faster than anything I had ever fed before. 
  2. Victoria said that I would have much less stool and that it would have much less odor. This also happened. 

But as time went on I noticed various other significant benefits. 

  1. All the dogs teeth stayed much cleaner, much longer. Since I have toy dogs, (Papillons), this is a wonderful thing. Toys have smaller dental roots that are more susceptible to problems. 
  2. Their coats improved dramatically.  Both in quality and shine. As a  matter of fact a groomer came up to me at a Toy specialty and told me  that she'd never seen a dog as shiny white as my Special! 
  3. When I have a litter, the babies dive into their mother's food with great gusto and wean themselves.  Again, there is no stomach upset and their stool is also almost odorless. 

I have not purchased kibble in four years.  My dogs don't miss it at all. Now when I put down their bowls at night, everyone is done in about five minutes! No waste, no problems. 

What most people don't realize is that no matter what type or brand of kibble you use, no matter how many vitamins, fruits, vegetables or  minerals are added to it, it is processed to a fare thee well. Therefore, the health benefits of the vitamins, fruits, etc. are greatly  reduced if not totally destroyed. They also don't realize that freezing kills bacteria just as effectively as all the steaming and  boiling that is done to create all types of dry pet foods. The difference is that freezing doesn't kill the beneficial nutrients. 

Also, a canine dentist who applauded my switch to Victory Dog food explained to me that feeding kibble is analogous to feeding a baby cookies all the time and not brushing their teeth.  Makes sense to me! 

So I strongly urge you to take the plunge.  

Switch to the best raw food around….Victory Dog Food®

Maxine J. Gurin
Primavera Papillons
Member, Papillon Club of America since 1976
AKC Breeder of Merit